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Established January 2018 by Founder and CEO ANNE ECK, SILVERTREE RECORDS is a women focused record label that

distributes exclusive music releases by women and serves as a premier platform for women of all genres.


"I could talk for hours about #femaleartists and their visibility in the music business. About artistic freedom and why it's so important - especially when it comes to label decisions (and not, as is so often the case, the economic ones!), about the courage to break new ground in a very narrow system and about cooperation in the sense of working together instead of against each other - we live all of this at the label, which is structured very differently from the way it's usually known. It is actually a large open house that also wants to show and say: it can be done differently! With artistic freedom as the focus. With more #femaleartists (for that we need men as well as women) and with cooperation instead of competition", says CEO & Founder Anne Eck.




When I look at everything I have done and am doing as a musician, woman, artist and also entrepreneur then they always have to do with heart, daring, great visions, changes or ideas that did not exist before.And also, yes, especially with making women visible, probably because I am one myself.
The focus at Silvertree Records is artistic freedom, collaboration, fantastic music and heart. Yes! That above all!

#letsgetvisible #femaleartists

/ Pamela Russmann

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In the five-plus years I've worked at a music label, I've seen an industry dominated by a very competitive way of working and thinking.I think this is true for artists as well as people working behind the scenes.  Breaking with that mindset was one of the first things that drew me to Silvertree Records. This space created for women to support each other, work collaboratively, and with full artistic freedom hopefully helps female artists feel comfortable reaching out, sending requests, and sharing their music before they get lost in self-doubt and details.

/ Stefan Wagner

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